Mar. 25th, 2014

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For ages, McCoy kept thinking of this in steps. First, they had to decide to do it. That had been one hell of a hurdle. Then, it'd been finding someone who could help them out on a genetic basis and was willing to be a part of their crazy plan to have a kid. After that came the dealings and the medical part where he tried to isolate as much as he could of the dominant traits he wanted to use. And then, well, then at a certain point there's only wishing and hoping.

It'd been that stage for a while, but after today's visit with Jane and a confirmation that things had gone from maybe to definitely, McCoy didn't exactly know what to do with himself. Nah, scratch that. He's happy, he is, but he's also shocked.

He'd stolen a bottle of wine for himself and headed home, wanting to celebrate as soon as feeling comes back to him. In a strange kind of way, he thinks of it like the first time he and Jim got together, when everything had been so new and numb, but promising. McCoy licks his lips as he wanders into the house, locking the door behind him and taking in a deep breath or two to steady himself.

"Jim?" he calls out, when he's feeling okay to walk and talk and exist. "You in here?"


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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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