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Honest to god, McCoy isn't exactly sure what he's feeling right now.

It's surreal. It's beyond expectation and maybe he'd convinced himself that he wasn't going to get and now that it sounds like they're going to try, he actually doesn't know how to process that information. He genuinely is in a state of shock and he thanks God that there had been a chair behind him for when he'd sank back into it, still trying to get over the idea that they might be having a kid.


There's a lot to do. He needs to start working on getting genetic material and working on the genetics aspects to make sure there's as little of Jane as possible in the sample, just to make sure he keeps a promise to Lipton. And then there's the whole 'getting the material', which will probably be Jim's favorite day of the damn year.

Jim. McCoy comes back to reality and glances across the room, staring at Jim with shock. "Did that happen?" he gets out.
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Jim barely makes it into the chair next to him before his legs give out, the last of Lipton's footsteps still fading in his ears. "Yeah," he says, reaching numbly for Bones, and feels the world seep back in through the warmth of fingers laced through his.

"Fuck, I think it actually did."
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"I kind of thought he was gonna kill us," says Jim in a wondering voice as he scrubs his free hand through his beard. "I could actually feel my hair go gray when he came up the path." He laughs, dazed, and gives in to the impulse to abandon his chair and climb into Bones' lap.

"Bones," he breathes, squeezing his shoulders. "We're getting our baby."
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"It's gonna take. Hey." Jim takes Bones by the chin and makes him look at him, waits until those wide, panicked eyes focus on his own. "You're gonna make it take. This is it, Bones. One of the hardest, most impossible parts of this is over." Leaning in, Jim kisses him gently. "We've got a surrogate."
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"You're the best doctor I know," says Jim honestly. "You're driven, you're brilliant, and you want this. You're gonna make genetics your bitch. Babe." Jim cups his cheeks with both hands. "Get happy. We're in it, now. We're on our way."
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"Parents," says Jim, nodding encouragingly as Bones' expression finally starts to break. "In no more than a year's time, we're gonna be parents, Bones." His own heart skips a beat, but Jim doesn't have time for nerves now, not when he knows Bones' are rattled to his core.

"You got a lot to teach me before then."
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"You'll have to show me how to pick one up without breaking one," Jim agrees, knowing that Bones will feel steadier when they have a plan. "How to feed him, how to burp him, change him, all of that stuff."

He leans back. "Maybe I should start practicing with an egg. You know, if I can keep it unbroken for a week, I'm ready for parenting?"
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Jim's face lights up immediately at the thought of a puppy, but he does his best to suppress it. "Please, Plum'll outlive both of us, and without a stitch of help. I could draw a face on a bag of flour, though, as long as you protect me from the people trying to commit me."
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"I can try," Jim promises, though he's pretty sure he can get Bones to run baby drills if he puts the Command gold on. It does things to Bones, and Jim is not above exploiting them.

"I want it to have your nose," he says abruptly. "I love your nose."
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"Your nose," says Jim, leaning forward to kiss its upturned end, "Is too adorable not to live on. It would be a crime against the island not to have a backup McCoy nose."
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"But soft like yours is," says Jim, and though he's never shied from affection towards Bones, now he's downright giddy with it, the thought of a child with Bones' features lending new affection towards his every freckle. "Maybe your ears, too? And make his smile like yours, or maybe don't."

Jim grins, wide and happy. "That might be dangerous, God knows I can't say no to it."
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"I don't mind," says Jim, dragging his fingers through Bones' hair. "Busy you is hot, way better than the depressed mad scientist you've been these last few months."