Feb. 1st, 2014

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Honest to god, McCoy isn't exactly sure what he's feeling right now.

It's surreal. It's beyond expectation and maybe he'd convinced himself that he wasn't going to get and now that it sounds like they're going to try, he actually doesn't know how to process that information. He genuinely is in a state of shock and he thanks God that there had been a chair behind him for when he'd sank back into it, still trying to get over the idea that they might be having a kid.


There's a lot to do. He needs to start working on getting genetic material and working on the genetics aspects to make sure there's as little of Jane as possible in the sample, just to make sure he keeps a promise to Lipton. And then there's the whole 'getting the material', which will probably be Jim's favorite day of the damn year.

Jim. McCoy comes back to reality and glances across the room, staring at Jim with shock. "Did that happen?" he gets out.


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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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