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McCoy is thinking that maybe he didn't make such a great decision telling Rogue that she could stay with him. First had been the attack. And hell if that wasn't bad enough. McCoy's been drinking pretty heavily since Jim left, so when he wakes up in the middle of the night drunk and being attacked by Rogue, he's thinking that he's made a bad call.

He's tossing and turning, the heat too warm for him. He can't sleep and every time he hears a noise in the other room, he's on high alert.

His own cat is no goddamn help. When he was getting beat up by a girl, the cat just sat there licking its paws and watching. So it's just McCoy and a hypospray full of sedative. He rummages in the bedside drawer for it, just to make sure that he's ready. Just in case.

Until then, he's revisiting the intelligence of this whole plan.

[For Rogue]

Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:39 pm
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McCoy's been tending to his garden. It's been flourishing for a while now and he's got a good variety out there. He's got tomatoes of three different vaccines in various stages and while none are ready to harvest, he's out there with a microscope he's stolen from the lab, his medkit, and his notebook.

For all that he's a doctor, his research has been getting him good positions all his life, even with his divorce and his father's death weighing on him. The island ought to be no different and he's devoting himself to it best as he can.

He leans away from the latest slide to make a couple of notes about the progress and that's when he sees Rogue. "Well, then, didn't know I was having visitors over."


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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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