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Suffice to say, 'not pleased' is the very least of McCoy's feelings on the matter of the shenanigans occurring around him and to him. He's pissed. He's moved beyond pissed, as a matter of fact, and he's started to look for a goddamn good reason that he's woken up with another forty years on his frame.

His posture's gone to shit and he's a bit shorter and he's a goddamn doctor, not a magic trick, for christ's sake. He's mostly kicked around the house in a refusal to go out, but even that's only going to last for so long before someone comes looking.

He heads to the still to see if he can at least nullify some of this insanity with a little bit of drink. It's not a permanent solution, but it'll have to goddamn do.


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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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