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Where McCoy comes from, he knows that when you make a promise, the vow's as good as being written in blood. Debts, avowals, and all other kinds of promises are only meant to be broken on pain of violence and possibly death -- yeah, he knows it's real dramatic, but he comes from a long line of overdramatic fools. It's why Jim's owing him one is being taken seriously.

It's also why he's handing over the second trial to Jessica. When he'd taken on a lab assistant, he hadn't done it because he was lonely or had any kind of sympathy for the girl needing work; it'd been nothing like that. She's smart, good in a tight situation, and adaptable. Hell, she's brighter than half the ensigns Starfleet sent up to the Enterprise to get shaped into acceptable members of the 'Fleet.

Still, trust or no trust, he's placing a hell of a lot of responsibility into her hands in the form of a little aerosol can, loaded up with the second iteration of the sedative. He's changed a couple of chemical aspects and engineering ones to do with the release mechanism -- mostly to make it a finer spray, closer to gaseous than a liquid. "Now," he's explaining as he hands it over. "Remember, the element of surprise is key. If he's anticipating it, adrenaline might spike and I don't want that. I'm aiming to get some blood samples out of this time. I'll be there after to monitor vitals and make sure he doesn't die."

Which isn't half as much a joke as he'd like, given Jim's unique reaction to some medications. Still, McCoy's going to bring him back if that happens. He'd never let Jim out of his sight; not really.



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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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