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McCoy's not really the type to go meet all his neighbors, so the truth is that he's got no clue who the hell lives around him these days. He's tempted to let Jim loose on them and get a report back later, but it does mean that when he's out by the garden, he's never sure if the people who pass by are just wayward islanders or if they're just down the beach from him. He's out in the sun with an umbrella stuck in the trees for shade, tending to the most recent crop of vaccines.

He's going to have to break apart the tomatoes to get at the code, but they've been improving with every batch (especially now that the cat's not getting loose in 'em and chewing them right through). He glances up when he sees a shadow just down the way, shielding his gaze and squinting at the figure.

"You got any pets?" he calls out, not wanting a vet trip today. "Because if you do, I wouldn't let them anywhere near here."


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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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