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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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Name:Dr. Leonard McCoy

Dr. Leonard McCoy is a man of 6'1 with brown eyes that glint to hazel and dark brown hair. He is a character from the television series Star Trek and this particular version comes out of the alternate reality created by Star Trek XI. McCoy leaves canon during the five-year exploratory mission.

* Your character's initial personal inventory:

*One blue Starfleet issued science shirt including the Starfleet logo
*One pair of pressed Starfleet issued black pants
*One pair of black socks (designed to increase circulation)
*One pair Starfleet issued black boots
*One pair dark blue boxer-briefs (not Starfleet issued, they don’t need to know about it)
*One silver Starfleet class ring (class of 2259)
*One logo-less black t-shirt serving as a smock beneath the uniform top
*One black belt
*One black-coloured away kit with thin shoulder strap containing:
-Medical-issued tricorder
-Three hyposprays containing a cocktail of antibiotics
-Several vials of vaccines for various forms of fever
-Communicator set to on

[Disclaimer: The character belongs to Gene Roddenberry and Karl Urban belongs to his fine self. This is merely a journal for an RPG]
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