Oct. 9th, 2015

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It's been raining for what feels like days, but that's probably a combination of the fact that he's got the next three days off, he and Jim were supposed to go out and do something, and now he's trapped inside staring out the windows at the rain pounding the windows. He'd put on his comfiest wares, including a sweater that's just a touch too long (branded Ole Miss, because some of the shops in town sell college stuff) and yoga pants that he'd grabbed from Jim.

He figures they can't go out and do anything, but there's nothing wrong with setting a movie on the TV and making up some food. So he's busy cooking up whatever he can in the kitchen when he hears movement, knowing it'll be Jim.

"Instead of calling raincheck on this date," he says, leaning back as he opens a beer, "how about we just switch venues?"


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