Aug. 10th, 2014

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When McCoy finishes with interviews and paperwork, the first thing he does is hail a cab. Jim had given him enough information that he can manage his way out of the city and give the address, sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the civilization he's missed so much. Sure, he'd liked being on the ground and letting his life get on with itself, but this is like a step forward. The technology's still a bit more behind than he'd like, but there's purpose here and a reason to earn money and society.

And hell, but McCoy's missed that.

Paperwork from accepting the job at the hospital in hand, McCoy tips the cab driver and walks up the steps to the house. He's only been here about two days, but he still hasn't seen Spock and he's still coming to grips, a little, with the relationship that he's about to witness. He's a grown man and he's happy if Jim's happy, but he can't deny it's gonna be an adjustment.

Clearing his throat, he knocks on the door and shifts the bottle of wine in hand, hoping that they don't mind a surprise visitor.


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Dr. Leonard McCoy

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