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He feels like a goddamn new man.

True, he's been on the mend for probably weeks now, but the tests that came back today report that his white blood cell count is finally back up to where it's supposed to be and that whatever the hell was wrecking its way through his system might be there, but with a few treatments a month, he's got it under control. McCoy goes for a haircut, buys himself some new clothes and a bottle of champagne, and then he's on his way home to tell Jim the good news.

(And he just thought of the place as home, now he knows he's thinking about sticking it out and staying with Jim)

And Jim. Well, he owes Jim a hell of a lot, which is why he's also got himself a small gift-wrapped box in his hand. All those shifts at the hospital and all that overtime along with his salary means he's got a lot of money in the bank. After all that Jim's been through because of him, the man deserves a nice present. Breathing out the last of his nerves, he knocks as he heads inside the house, butterflies slamming against his ribcage as he announces himself.

"Jim! Jim, I'm home," he calls. "Where are ya?"
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Bones has been looking healthier by the day. Jim might not be able to read everything that comes out of their tricorders, but he can see it - the brightness in Bones' eyes, the color in his cheeks, the bounce in his step. He hasn't forgotten what Bones in his prime is like, but watching him return to health is like discovering it all over again, and Jim's been walking the city with a tempered hope that maybe, maybe this might all be close to over.

He doesn't let himself get too happy or relieved, though, lest it all come crashing down again. He's in his room, reading when Bones returns and practically shouts the house down. "What?" he says, springing from the bed. "I'm right here, what's happening?" Jim pauses. "Did you just knock?"
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"Yeah, but you live here," says Jim, but he falls silent at the sight of the champagne bottle. "Should you be drinking?" he asks, which is a ridiculous question when he knows Bones has been sneaking in Bourbon the moment he started feeling better.

"I - " he starts. Even in the twenty-third century, champagne is still a victory drink. Jim's heart squeezes in his chest. "Are we celebrating?"
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Jim is still staring at that leather jacket when Bones grabs him up and kisses him with a heat he hasn't felt from him in ages, or maybe even ever. It's enough to make Jim's toes curl, and he groans into Bones' mouth, his hands tight on his hips, but stopping just short of pulling Bones even closer.

"Bones," he gasps out, pulling his mouth away. "What's gotten into you?"
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Jim follows, mute for once in his life as Bones pulls him along, but only until they reach the cushions. "What are you saying?" he asks, his voice carefully even. "They're coming back? Like for good, it's working? You're - "

Jim stops just short of you're going to be okay. "Bones, tell me."
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"But what does that mean for life expectancy?" Jim asks, falling silent when Bones drops a box into his lap. He smiles a little despite the rabbit quick beat of his heart. He has so many questions still, but it's just like Bones to get him something when it's really his own day. "A present, Bones?" Dutifully, Jim begins to unwrap it. "What is it?"
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Jim's first inclination is to not believe him. This is Bones, after all, who complains daily about any number of ways Jim might get himself killed. But a pair of keys fall from the box into his hand, and Jim looks up at him with wide eyes.

"Really?" It's been ages since he'd taken a proper ride, before the Academy, even. "Bones, this is...this is a huge present!"
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Jim's breath catches in his throat. His hand tightens around the keys, but Jim hardly notices, his eyes intent on Bones. "Is it really over?" he asks, hating the tremor in his voice but unable to hide it. "Just like that? One gift of some random tribble's blood and we're saved?"
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Jim stares at him. Bones has always been a rotten liar, wearing his heart on his sleeve if not shouting it right down the hallway, and Jim can't see a hint of falseness in him now. "What if the tribble dies?" he asks. "You can synthesize this now? For good?"
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Jim is still staring, but he rises, half expecting this to somehow fall apart despite Bones' assurances. Some things truly are too good to seem true, but he follows Bones out of the house to transfer his stare to the very real motorcycle in the drive.

"You really got me one," he says, realizing the keys are still in his hand. "This is really happening."
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"Can I take you for a ride?" Jim asks at the same time, laughing after when Bones denies him before he can even get the words out. "You sure?" he asks, idling closer. "You won't know if you got your money's worth until you feel it firsthand." Jim grins. "All that power vibrating between your knees."
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"I'm a better rider than you give me credit for," says Jim, grinning, "At least regarding the first. The second you know I'm good for." He's a little hot under the collar, and Jim frames Bones' hips with his hands. "You're really up for that?"
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"God, don't apologize to me, Bones," says Jim, cupping Bones' calloused hand against his face. "You've been through hell, too, and feeling like hell on top of it, me, I just watched." His throat is tight again, and Jim swallows hard. "I just want you to be well, Bones. That's all I need."
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"Or Darrow's idea of a fun medical adventure," says Jim. The crazy town has put them through everything else, why couldn't it be blamed for this, too? He draws a deep breath and squeezes Bones' hips.

"You sure you won't go for a ride with me?" he asks. "Maybe sit on it and let me kiss you for a while?"
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"It's already pumping," says Jim with a grin, pulling on Bones' hand to press it over his heart. Between the good news and the dirty way Bones has been talking, he's in no danger of remaining calm. "C'mon." He grabs Bones by the hem of his jeans and tugs him towards the bike. "Can you straddle it?"
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Jim grins and nudges Bones' shoulder. "Scoot up a bit. I think I'm flexible enough to crawl in, but maybe you forgot after all these months as a monk." It's a tease, and Jim softens it by taking Bones' face in his hands and kissing him deeply.
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Jim groans, swinging himself into a straddle facing Bones on the seat so he can get even closer to him. He started sweet, but now that they've begun, Jim's kisses are hungry and eager, ready to make up for all the kisses Bones has been too sick to share for so long.
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"My hot, healthy boyfriend sitting on the back of my motorcycle and letting me feel him up?" asks Jim against Bones' mouth, his hands down the back of Bones' jeans. "That's been a fantasy since I was fourteen, Bones."
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"No?" asks Jim, fastening his mouth to Bones' throat when he pulls away to breathe. He pushes his hands deeper past the hem of Bones' jeans, helping himself to two handfuls of his ass. "I mean, I am the landowner. Technically anything I'm cool with short of murder flies."
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"Not for miles, and you know I have proximity alarms set just to be a shit," Jim informs him, pulling Bones closer by the seat of his pants. "You feel well enough to get off twice?" he asks against Bones' ear. "I could suck you off before I ride you. Take the edge off."
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Jim sits back. "I've been hard since you sat on the motorcycle, Bones," he says, licking his lips. "We're gonna get this thing real dirty right out of the gate, which I'm not exactly complaining about, but I hope you got some paint wax to go with the keys."