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Jim's been a kid for days now and hell if it isn't getting on every one of his damn nerves. Without his memories, McCoy is just another stranger to him and it's taking all his energy just to make sure Jim doesn't do something stupid like run off and get himself into trouble. Even feeding him, which is priority, is taking energy that McCoy barely has.

He's half grateful, though, that Jim doesn't know him to understand what's happening. Whatever disease is ravaging his body is getting worse. His white blood cell count this morning had been beyond goddamn terrible and he'd barely been able to get up out of bed. That's why when he'd woken up and kid-Jim hadn't been in sight, he decides not to chase him.

Sitting up slowly and trying not to pass out from dizziness, he notices something under the covers.

Something round, squeaking, and moving.

"What in the hell..." He flips the covers back to reveal a tribble. That, or the dogs in Darrow have gotten really strange-looking. Reaching out with weak fingers, he corrals the critter back into his arms to look for eyes, but when he doesn't find anything that makes this a dog, he knows that it's from back home. The thing is, he doesn't understand why. He's had this thing in his lab for ages in an inert, non-reproductive state, but it's here now.

Is this some kind of stupid message that he needs a service tribble for the last days of his life? It's not a good joke, if he's heard of one. It occurs to him, then, that he better run some blood tests and a scan and make sure this is actually the one from his lab and not just a random tribble, because otherwise, Darrow's about to have a population problem.
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Jim leaves the house for as long as he dares.

More than a week of being a child. A hungry, traumatized child, more full of rage and hate than his small body should have been able to bear - how is it that being that child is preferable to this?

He's grown, he's able, he's smart. He's a widower and he's about to lose the second love of his life. Being a damaged kid has nothing on this pain.

It's late morning when Jim finally drags himself back, letting him into the home he shares with Bones for as long as he's got left. Jim opens his mouth, but it's a moment more before he manages to call, "I'm here. I'm - normal, again."
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How long? Jim can't help but think as his arms come around Bones. How many more times will they hug or kiss before it's over? How many more times will Bones even be able to stand? He's worse with every passing day, and between them they've come up with nothing, not even the hope of a cure.

How long? Jim holds Bones carefully and tries to remember the shape of him, how he feels beneath his hands, tries not to think of how he's smaller every day. He holds him, and he doesn't let go. "Guess that was a fun week for you," he mumbles.
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Jim raises a brow, mustering a smile for a missive that once would have sent the blood straight to his dick. "What is it?" he asks, heading there with a supporting hand against Bones' shoulder. He's not going to lose him early to a head injury against the wall.
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Dumbfounded, Jim lets the creature be pushed into his waiting hands. After so long in Darrow he thinks it's a cat at first, but then the damn thing coos. "Is this a tribble?" he asks, not requiring an answer because of course it is. They could have received anything from home, but a tribble is what they got.

Against his conscious wish, Jim cuddles it. "The hell, Bones?"
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"Why's that impossible?" asks Jim, putting the tribble up on his shoulder so he can look down at Bones' scans. Smart as he is, the medical ones are half incomprehensible, and this one is no exception. "Maybe this isn't the same tribble."
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"Maybe it's from when it was just a baby," says Jim dubiously, because it wouldn't be the weirdest thing in Darrow. But Bones is talking like he can accurately age the creature, and it's somehow even better than in its prime.

"What could do that, though?" he asks. "Besides the fountain of youth."
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Jim nearly reaches for the tribble when Bones mentions marrow - that sounds painful, moreso than Jim would wish even on a small, mindless creature - but he stills for this talk of a cure.

"Is that possible?" he asks in a suddenly even voice. He might not be his twelve year old self anymore, but Jim knows how to clamp down hard on hope lest it run away with him. "Has anyone done that kind of thing before?"
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Jim sits down on the bed, his face blank as his mind reels. Bones is a genius, it's true, and if he's amazed by the tribble then so is Jim, but to beat death? No one can do that.

It's too much to hope for, but Jim meets Bones' hopeful face and manages to smile. "How can I help?"
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Jim's smile warms, and he leans in to press a gentle kiss to Bones' lips. "Oh, you know," he murmurs. "Stole a few cars. Rerouted some bank accounts. Standard kid stuff. I'm sure Jo got into it all the time."
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"I'm sorry you had to see it," says Jim, leaning back with a sigh. "I destroyed every picture of me from that time, even the records they had of Tarsus. So naturally that's what this place picked as the right time to revisit."

He shakes his shoulders before he can sound too bitter. "You were really good," he says. "Kind. I wish there'd been someone like you way back then."
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"Maybe," Jim murmurs, and no matter how sick Bones gets, his fingers never stop feeling like heaven against Jim's scalp. He resists the urge to close his eyes.

"Do I seem better adjusted to you?" he asks with a small smile. "I'm not ready to get rid of my leather jacket."
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"Only at first," Jim assures him, "And only because you were an adult. You've always had a good bedside manner, Bones." He pulls Bones' hand from his hair and holds it between his own before Bones gets overtired. "Still hated the hypos, though."
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"I wish you could see her," says Jim, not adding one last time like he's thinking. This tribble idea is still too miraculous to be trusted, and Jim draws a breath.

He reaches for Bones' PADD and puts it in his hands. "Start making lists of what you need to work on this tribble. I'll get everything back here."
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"Of course," says Jim. He's not squeamish exactly, but it does turn his stomach to think of jabbing things into that little tribble. If it helps Bones, though, he won't hesitate.

"We've got some of that here. The rest I can lift from the hospital and the labs on campus. You want me to go right now?"