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Character Basics

Name: Leonard McCoy
Canon: Star Trek (Alternate Movie Universe)
Exit: Star Trek Into Darkness
Stuck?: No


Time Zone: EST
Availability: Usually tagging from 6-9PM EST
Slowtagging: All good, though if it's going to be a longer period of time, please let me know to expect it
Open to: Everything.
Canon-puncturing: He can be told, but he may not believe it
Offensive subjects: They're even more than fine, especially given that he will be given the chance to rant his heart out.
Powers: Use away!

Romantic interaction: Romantic advances are welcome, though whether he's ready for it is up for debate.

Violence: He's a doctor, not a fighter.


For anyone: Generally, he's hanging around reading books or just hanging out at the bar.

Special permissions: Right now, Jim Kirk only.

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