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Dr. Leonard McCoy ([personal profile] leftwithmybones) wrote2015-04-06 09:25 pm

dated april 13th

He doesn't know what the hell is going on with this city, but the bees are one thing and the heavy snowfall is another. Turning up for his shift at the hospital and finding the nurses hovering around a weird glass like a giant snowglobe is something he's not equipped to deal with. He sends the ones on duty back to work, letting the others linger. Still, he does manage to take a curious peek and figures out pretty quickly why everyone's so interested in it.

If snowglobes all over were going to show him Jim Kirk looking so lazy, content, and happy, he'd want to look into them for ages. Calm Jim is a steady Jim. Where it gets weird is when McCoy comes into the picture, looking just as dazed and content and is wearing just as few clothes. He's paged, then, so he can't look again, but the rest of the week continues like that.

Every day brings him a step closer into this strange new world where he and Jim have some kind of romantic life together, with a healthy helping of sex on the side and as much as he ought to be wary about that, he's got a tape in his things and memories of his hand on himself to remind him that he isn't so damn eager to give it away.

He knows he can't bring it up, though. Strange visions and repressed desires don't mean shit when your best friend is grieving his husband, so McCoy works it out with jogging through the morning, determined not to get too bogged down with lusty fantasies. One week after the first vision and inundated with too many to count, McCoy pushes inside to grab a towel and mop his sweaty brow, awkwardly avoiding Jim's gaze when he finds him in the kitchen.

"Morning," he mutters gruffly, keeping his eyes to the side.

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