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dated april 13th

He doesn't know what the hell is going on with this city, but the bees are one thing and the heavy snowfall is another. Turning up for his shift at the hospital and finding the nurses hovering around a weird glass like a giant snowglobe is something he's not equipped to deal with. He sends the ones on duty back to work, letting the others linger. Still, he does manage to take a curious peek and figures out pretty quickly why everyone's so interested in it.

If snowglobes all over were going to show him Jim Kirk looking so lazy, content, and happy, he'd want to look into them for ages. Calm Jim is a steady Jim. Where it gets weird is when McCoy comes into the picture, looking just as dazed and content and is wearing just as few clothes. He's paged, then, so he can't look again, but the rest of the week continues like that.

Every day brings him a step closer into this strange new world where he and Jim have some kind of romantic life together, with a healthy helping of sex on the side and as much as he ought to be wary about that, he's got a tape in his things and memories of his hand on himself to remind him that he isn't so damn eager to give it away.

He knows he can't bring it up, though. Strange visions and repressed desires don't mean shit when your best friend is grieving his husband, so McCoy works it out with jogging through the morning, determined not to get too bogged down with lusty fantasies. One week after the first vision and inundated with too many to count, McCoy pushes inside to grab a towel and mop his sweaty brow, awkwardly avoiding Jim's gaze when he finds him in the kitchen.

"Morning," he mutters gruffly, keeping his eyes to the side.
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Seated at the counter with a glass of orange juice, Jim looks up. If Bones averts his gaze, Jim's seems fixed, tracking Bones' form with a curiosity that startles him. He's seen Bones sweaty before, he's seen him naked for God's sake, but he's never seen him quite like he did in that freaky orb.

"Morning," Jim replies, watching a drop of sweat slide down Bones' throat into his collar.
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"Nothing predicts the future," says Jim, watching Bones pull apart the bread in fascination. And yet he'd seen a future very like this, except after Bones drinks his coffee, he kisses Jim's cheek. Jim lifts his eyes and watches Bones' mouth next, following the bread between Bones' lips until it disappears.

Christ, he hasn't even seen anything sexy in the orb, and still he's all twisted up. "Math, probability - that's as close as we get."
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"Don't you?" He leans over the counter to grab for some bread, stuffing it into his mouth without ceremony. "I don't believe in magic, either. There's nothing in the universe, no matter how crazy it seems at first, that we can't eventually explain with scince. Besides, there's no such thing as one predictable future, Bones. How could there be, when new people are showing up every day in Darrow to change the game?"
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"You looked in one?" Jim asks, sitting up straighter in his stool. As Bones' gaze darts away, Jim looks away at last, going to the coffee press to pour himself an enormous cup. "What, uh - " he says, sneaking a glance over his shoulder, "What'd you see?"
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"There's one at the library, too," Jim allows, for a moment relieved that Bones isn't fessing up to anything. Maybe Jim won't have to, either, even if it feels like holding back everything he's seen is chewing up his insides.

"I got curious enough to look a few times. I'm gonna go back with my tricorder and see what I dig up."
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"I want to know why." Dragging his cup back to his stool, Jim sits down, even as he itches to get back to the library and study the thing. "Why is it showing us this stuff, what does it want - I mean, is it trying to fuck with us? And to what end?"

Jim huffs out a frustrated breath, because he feels it, too. Things are strange between he and Bones when they've never been before, not even when Bones arrived to find Jim married. Out of everyone he knows, Bones has been home since the day they met, and Jim's not going to lose him over some stupid snow globe. "To freak us out? You won't even look at me."
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"Why?" Jim asks, brow furrowed. For a moment he forgets his worry over the orb, what it means, what it might do, and thinks only of Bones. His best friend has never been happy, not as long as Jim has known him. He's laughed, he's smiled, sure, and plenty of times for Jim, but in all these years, Jim's never seen him truly content or at peace.

Not for the first time, Jim wonders if Bones doesn't believe he deserves it. It's heartbreaking. "Happiness isn't a finite resource, Bones. Everybody can have it. Everybody deserves to."
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"Then what?" Jim asks. "You think it's just showing you things you can't have?" He purses his lips, a little troubled to think of it. Seeing himself and Bones the way he had - it's nothing he's ever wished for, but Jim feels an unwillingness to say it's impossible. It could be a kneejerk reaction to being told he can't have something, even now, Jim's too fucked up about Spock to say. Every time he gets closer to untangling his heart, something else comes along to remind him what he's lost, and now he has to deal with some vision of a life he can't have with Bones, too?

Jim pushes away from the counter with a frustrated huff. "I'm gonna destroy them," he says with sudden certainty. "How many do you think there are?"
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"If I can get a decent reading of its energy signature I can scan for more," says Jim darkly. "Not to mention figure out the best way of smashing them to bits." Jim raises a hand, hating the way he hesitates before clasping Bones' shoulder. All the more reason to destroy the damn things.

"You want a last look, I suggest you get it soon."
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"We make our own future," says Jim stubbornly, and this, at least, is a well worn argument, for Bones has always been a bit of a fatalist. "I mean - whatever you saw in there, what's preventing it from happening now? You saw something that made you happy. What is it that's holding you back from going for it?"
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Jim knows that Bones is speaking of whatever partner he'd seen in the orb, but still the use of we does strange things to his heart, and he can't help remembering the morning he'd seen. The pair of them asleep, Jim smacking at the alarm when it went off, Bones rolling over him to silence it.

Kissing the sleep lines from Jim's face after until his groggy frown had turned to laughter.

Jim draws a shuddering breath. "I didn't see Spock," he says abruptly. "If that thing's showing happy futures, then where's my husband?"

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He's not listening for them, his mind on the orbs, how many there might be, where they are - so far in areas of town with high turnover - but Bones' muttered words slide through Jim's thoughts like a knife through butter, and his head whips sharply around.

Staring at Bones, Jim feels a little unsteady. One of them having visions of the other is strange enough. That they both are kind of makes him want to run screaming into the street, not out of horror, but because it turns the friendship he's known so on its head.

Jim doesn't speak, and for the first time in many years, he lets himself take the coward's route. If Bones doesn't continue, Jim won't press, and he can stay in the comfortable version of the world he's known for a while longer.