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For ages, McCoy kept thinking of this in steps. First, they had to decide to do it. That had been one hell of a hurdle. Then, it'd been finding someone who could help them out on a genetic basis and was willing to be a part of their crazy plan to have a kid. After that came the dealings and the medical part where he tried to isolate as much as he could of the dominant traits he wanted to use. And then, well, then at a certain point there's only wishing and hoping.

It'd been that stage for a while, but after today's visit with Jane and a confirmation that things had gone from maybe to definitely, McCoy didn't exactly know what to do with himself. Nah, scratch that. He's happy, he is, but he's also shocked.

He'd stolen a bottle of wine for himself and headed home, wanting to celebrate as soon as feeling comes back to him. In a strange kind of way, he thinks of it like the first time he and Jim got together, when everything had been so new and numb, but promising. McCoy licks his lips as he wanders into the house, locking the door behind him and taking in a deep breath or two to steady himself.

"Jim?" he calls out, when he's feeling okay to walk and talk and exist. "You in here?"
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"What?" Jim asks, going from exhausted sleep to wide awake in the space of seconds and sitting bolt upright at the kitchen table. It's crazy to be this tired when it's Bones who's doing all the baby work, but taking care of Bones when he's flipping out is a full time job, and Jim swears he only came home to make a sandwich. Now it's - he squints at hte clock - a few hours later, and god only knows what crises have gone down in the meantime.

"I'm here," he says, flailing to his feet, "What happened?"
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Jim stares and nods back in equal measure, too addled for anything better than unconscious mimicry, but then he sees the wine. "Yes," he says, "Like, yes, yes? Like baby yes?" For no reason that Jim can understand, his face feels numb, blood rushing away until he has no idea what expression he's making.

Is he smiling? Is this a rictus of terror? He can't even feel it. Experimentally, Jim smacks at his own cheek, then turns wide eyes back on Bones. "It worked?"
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"Okay," says Jim, "I want to know, but - " With no better place to go and no place he'd rather be, Jim steps forward and into Bones' arms, wrapping his own securely around him in turn. "Maybe we just do this for a minute."
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"Aren't I?" Jim asks, pressing his cheek to the stubble that covers Bones' own and breathing deep. He feels grounded in mere moments, but hangs on a long time after just because.

"You really did it, huh? You made us a kid."
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"But your nose," says Jim, still insistent. He wants to look at this kid and see both of them, both the people that are going to love it so much. "What about boy or girl? Can you even do that?"
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"I do," says Jim, "Do I? Is it better as a surprise? I don't even know what I want, do you know what you want?" Pausing, Jim makes himself take a breath, caught between holding Bones tighter and pulling back to look at him. "I just want a little us."
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"That's forever," Jim exhales, but as he says it, it feels like no time at all. "Nine months. Bones!" He turns, looking around their home with a wild light in his eyes. "We've got a lot to do!"
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Jim lets himself be reeled, but his eyes haven't lost the look of a man privately resolved to sanding off every sharp corner in their entire house. "You're right," he says, "You should relax. Want me to pop the cork in that wine?"
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"That's okay, I like drunk you," says Jim, pushing at his shoulders until he's seated on their couch. "Happy drunk you, anyway, and we've got every reason to be happy."

Jim yanks the cork from the wine and pours them two glasses, handing one to Bones before he sprawls out next to him on the couch. "To, uh," he says with a smile so wide it's a wonder it hasn't cracked his face, "To baby."
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"Silence is overrated," says Jim, touching Bones' cheek before he pushes the hair from his forehead, smoothing it back into place. "And don't think I won't soundproof our bedroom. I'm after a kid, not celibacy."