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Dr. Leonard McCoy ([personal profile] leftwithmybones) wrote2013-12-28 11:50 pm

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He's drunk.

He's in a terrible mood and thinks he ought to be allowed to be out of the house and drunk where Jim won't feel any of his wrath. He's removed himself from a situation that'll get him into a fight and has burrowed into the Hub's bar, knowing if he does this at the Winchester, someone's bound to get Jim. He's been nursing this through, letting a few hours pass before he tips the scales and drinks a little more.

It's all to get rid of that pit in his stomach that reeks of failure and reminds him that whatever plans they'd made for the future or to get them closer to his dream, they've fallen apart in front of him.

God damn it, he really hates his life, sometimes. He'd give anything to be back in a civilized place where he could build a future for him and Jim without having to resort to begging. That's not his luck, though. "Hey," he says hoarsely, getting the bartender's attention. "Another double, would you?"

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