leftwithmybones: (lips: by pon-farr tumblr)
Dr. Leonard McCoy ([personal profile] leftwithmybones) wrote2013-12-05 08:05 pm

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This has got to be the most awkward thing that he's ever done in his life.

Between the four of them, there's three Council members and McCoy's not stupid enough to think that Jane couldn't get herself elected if she ever took the time to run. She'd probably just remind everyone of a few of the killer pies she's made and they'd carry her off. There's tea between them on the table and McCoy feels as awkward as he had the night he'd proposed to Jocelyn and that night had ended with him smacking his knees on the backseat doors.

Clearing his throat, he picks up the tea and tries not to swear when it partially scalds his fingers. "So," he manages, flashing an awkward smile. "I assume you both want to know the reason for the house visit."

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