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This has got to be the most awkward thing that he's ever done in his life.

Between the four of them, there's three Council members and McCoy's not stupid enough to think that Jane couldn't get herself elected if she ever took the time to run. She'd probably just remind everyone of a few of the killer pies she's made and they'd carry her off. There's tea between them on the table and McCoy feels as awkward as he had the night he'd proposed to Jocelyn and that night had ended with him smacking his knees on the backseat doors.

Clearing his throat, he picks up the tea and tries not to swear when it partially scalds his fingers. "So," he manages, flashing an awkward smile. "I assume you both want to know the reason for the house visit."
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Lipton smiled at that, setting his own cup back on the saucer. He had been wondering, but it wouldn't have shown much hospitality to ask right off the bat.

"I figured it must've been the scones." He deadpanned, although since Jane made them, they were pretty good.
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If she were to admit the truth, Jane found herself quite fretful. She had always been taught to expect company and the good Doctor McCoy and his husband had come by entirely unexpectedly. Jane had put out as much as she could, but still did not know the purpose of their visit. It made her feel wary, given the potential for so many things to go awry. "Is everything fine with our children? They have not disrupted the peace in any way, I hope," she spoke, wringing her fingers.
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"Your kids are angels," says Jim, doing his best to keep the anxiety jangling down every nerve out of his smile. No big deal, Jimmy, he tells himself, You're only asking to rent the womb of a happily married couple.

Scrubbing a hand through his hair, Jim looks to Bones, bolstering himself with the steady expression on his husband's face. "That's, uh, kind of what this is about," Jim plows on. "Bones and I...we've come to the realization that we really want children. And both being men, we can't have our own, at least, not the traditional way." Jim takes a deep breath. "Which is why we've decided to begin the search for willing surrogates."
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Lipton had nodded at Jim's words, seeing how that could be a problem, but not sure how that related to Jane and himself. At the mention of surrogates his brow furrowed, not sure what that meant.

Then Dr. McCoy met his eyes and spoke of bargaining. Lipton wasn't smiling anymore, but he kept his face carefully blank, like he had so much practice doing during the war. "Surrogates. You want to adopt one of our children?"
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Despite Jane's willingness to be open and listen to everyone, Carwood's words had set off a mild reaction of panic in her and she stared at both men with something like wounded worry. "You would not take them from us? You could not, surely," she begged.
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"Oh no, no," says Jim, eyes wide with horror, "God, no, and I would personally stun anyone who tried taking your kids. We're not - " He covers his eyes briefly with his hand. "We're not explaining this as well as we could be."

He takes a steadying breath. "See, in the time and place that we come from, it's possible to - not create a child, per se, but to help and guide its development along in utero. So if Bones and I were home, we could mix the parts of us that make us us, our DNA, and come up with a baby that's part of each of us. And to some degree, we can do that here, but we still need a place for that baby to grow. And as it turns out, on the island the best and safest place for our baby to grow will be in the womb of a woman who's already had children."
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His hand was on Jane's back, reassuring, but also protective. He found what Jim described grotesque, and it brought back vague and disquieting memories of the dystopian Brave New World which he'd read years ago. Not because it was two men - he'd made peace with that already, by way of Webster and Liebgott - but because it used human bodies as lab rats. The thought of Jane being violated in such a way horrified him.

"I'm sorry," he said, and he was firm. He valued fatherhood as much as any man, but such a request to him was unthinkable. "You can't expect me to let my wife be used as a science experiment."
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Jane stared at the both of them after glancing at Carwood. Perhaps they were not understanding it correctly and she could not think that both men would think so little of her. "As simply as you can," she said, reaching over to squeeze Carwood's hand to keep him patient. "Please, explain it as though it is a simple thing, though I do get the sense it is not."

"You want me only because I have had past successes?" she asked, warily. "Please, speak from your heart. I do not want to hear why you want me. I want to hear why you want this." Perhaps, after all, she was considering because her Mama had taught her that she would spend her adult life bearing children and three young ones was plenty now, but she had expected (was expected) to go on and have a fourth, a fifth. She was expected to have a large, happy family.
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"We do want this," says Jim, a little paler for Lipton's words, and how is it that he can stare down a Klingon warbird and still balk at a few terse lines from an angry husband?

"But I just want to say, we would never think of you, Jane, or any woman as a science experiment, nor would we ever put a woman in a position to be used as one. That being said, Bones and I...well, let's just say, this island isn't the life I wanted for us, but as long as we're here, we want to live it to the fullest. Bones has a daughter at home, and it kills him every day not to be able to get to her, and it's killing me that I can't give him the family he deserves. He - "

Jim draws a breath, distantly aware that his voice is shaking, and he reaches for Bones' hand beneath the table. "Bones, maybe you should tell her about what you saw in the mist."
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The thing was, Lipton knew what it was like to want a family and think it wasn't in the cards for you. He'd been 10 years old when his own father died, and after becoming the family's breadwinner and helping to raise his three younger siblings, he'd known that he'd wanted children of his own some day. He wanted to be a father, and do the sort of things he still remembered doing with his own father when he was young.

But at 20, he found himself in a failed marriage, and at 22 he was in the ETO, not sure if he'd make it home at all. But then he arrived on the Island, and met Jane, and he had the family he'd always wanted.

So he listened, and he empathized, and he wanted them to be able to have a family, to experience the joy he'd felt in fatherhood.

"I wish you all the luck in the world in figuring something out so you can have a family," Lipton said, and that was sincere. One hand was holding Jane's, and the other was still on her back. "But Jane's not a room in a Boarding House you can rent out for awhile - it's risky, and invasive, and I'm not comfortable with it." It wasn't the most eloquent, but then, he'd always been a straightforward kind of guy.
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"I will think on it," Jane amended, though she felt troubled. She wanted to give her own opinion, but it had not yet been formed. Carwood had very clearly put his foot down and she knew that she ought to respect it and listen to her husband, but she was drawn to the story and to the desire for a family and she knew, very well, that she would not carry a child until Emmy was quite a deal older. "If that is amenable to all parties?"
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"Of course," says Jim, quickly stamping out any hope he might have in the lack of Jane's immediate denial. "Again, we're not asking for anything but your consideration, and we'll fully respect any decision you might make between you. And I have to say this, for clarity's sake, it is invasive, Mr. Lipton, you are absolutely right, but it's not risky when one has access to the medical advances Bones here does. We'd never ask anyone to put themselves in harm's way on our account."

Shutting his mouth, Jim stands, curling a bracing hand over Bones' shoulder. "Thanks so much for your time."
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Lipton stood up to see them out, as that was the polite thing to do. The customary handshake to wish house guests goodbye didn't seem appropriate, but he gave it anyway - it's absence would've just been even more awkward.

He knew how he felt about Jane serving as a surrogate, but it didn't make it any easier to see their disappointment. That they were so damn respectful about it made it worse - it'd be so much easier if he could be angry, if he could give an unqualified refusal and show them the door. Seeing them lean on each other, the way he and Jane had in difficult times… but Jane came first in his eyes.

When the door was shut, he turned to his wife. She'd promised to think on it, which didn't surprise him. Her generosity was something he loved about her, but this was unthinkable. "What's to think on?"
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Jane shook her head, a troubled look upon her face at the implication that she could rid the idea as quickly as that. "I could never be so unkind as to simply dismiss a plea for help," she said, as sensibly as she could. "If, in our desperation, we must ask someone for something unthinkable, I would want them to at least consider, even if the idea is crude and frightening." Jane had once thought the same of other things in the world. "Please let us be kind?"
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"Of course," he said mildly. They'd asked respectfully, after all, and left promptly on his refusal. Moreover, he could empathize with their situation - there was no reason to be unkind.

He didn't want to think about it anymore, to be honest, but Jane did have a good point. It wasn't so long ago that they owed a debt to the council and the island members who had helped them get Lydia back from Rapture, Jim and McCoy included.

"It would mean you would carry someone else's child, Jane. That when you are sick in the mornings and feel it kick it won't be yours. That if something were to go wrong -" He didn't continue.
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"I have thought of such things, too," Jane assured, not wishing Carwood to think he was alone in wondering at the things that would not be theirs, but also the worst. "I have been blessed with several easy pregnancies, Carwood, which is a testament to my health. Of course I worry, of course," she said, squeezing his hand. "Please, allow me to only think about it. It is not acquiescing," she said. "Yet I wish to consider their request. It is terrifying, but also very kind, I think," she said. "It is happiness where none would bloom." She bowed her head down. "I do not know."
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He wanted to insist that they drop it, to put his foot down that it wasn't something he was comfortable with and that should be the end of it. Maybe if they were back in Huntington, in his own time, he would have. Or, maybe, like now, he would realize that he couldn't refuse Jane anything. "We'll think on it." He agreed, but unease settled in his gut.